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Big Data Market Growth To 2020: Managing Big Data in small businesses

If you manage or work for a small business, you may have wondered how to compete in the big data infrastructure or the solution that your import from a service provider and how can you compete against the big corporations who are collecting data in much larger volumes and therefore can make better decisions!

When it comes to data, quality trumps quantity. Companies fail to gain useful insights when they don’t find relevant information rather than the size of the samples that are collected to derive the conclusions.

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Hence, finding the right data is essential for success. The best place to start when gathering your data is at the end. That means looking at what you hope to accomplish and then start working backwards. Having your ultimate business objectives in mind will help you understand what type of information to look for.

Right after considering the end goal comes asking the right questions. After determining your objectives, you need to introspect on what you need to do in order to accomplish that goal

Analyzing data is more like business dating during an interview. You need to ask a series of questions before you can decide whether the person is adequate for you to hire.

Another big obstacle hindering most small businesses and their data needs is the lack of efficient tools. Small businesses don’t often have the budgets to hire the best data scientists or analysts. As a result, they often don’t know which programs to invest in, or even how to use them. While consulting third-party firms can help with this IT gap, you’ll definitely want to invest in a less complicated service that your employees can learn to use. One example is Hadoop Hive, which is a service interface for big data analytics that offers a SQL-on-Hadoop solution. It’s designed for both professionals and data consumers, making it an ideal solution for smaller businesses.

You don’t need piles and piles of information. Sure, you can bet on statistics in the sense that the more of something you have, the more likely you are to find something relevant, but you don’t need to. Applying the right tools to the right data will significantly improve your ability to find key insights and further your business initiatives.

Big Data Market Growth

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Big Data Market Share To 2020: Forecast of Big Data market in India

Organizations in India, like in most industrialized nations, are moving fast in recognizing the potential of big data and are transforming themselves from being merely data collectors to data centers where valuable analysis can follow. As each aspect of a customer journey is now being monitored and analyzed in real time, the role of data analytics in India has evolved from being a by-product of multi-national firms to the necessary norm of most businesses.

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Transformation of digital analytics services from predictive analytics to optimization analytics will be the way forward for business analytics in 2015. Predictive modeling and statistical analytics will be aimed at reducing wastage, reducing customer attrition, and enabling organizations to achieve more with the resources available to them. A challenge for the analytics sector in the coming years will be to use this broken information with regards to all functions and departments to produce insights to help companies achieve optimum performance at levels for all tasks.

Reporting and visualization services are expected grow throughout the year as more organizations are looking at these technologies as a means of simplifying strategic decision making. As all the relevant data is available through easy to interpret dashboards, and decisions can be made with greater depth, and spend more time devising ways to address the problems and opportunities than spend time on understanding the issue.

With increasing real time monitoring of customers, there will be a greater emphasis on real time data, as it has become the start point to achieve optimum results.

At the same time, companies must realize that the vast amount of data collected through big data from various sources online for predicting future consumer behavior and discovering hidden insights related to customer queries and ongoing sentiments and are therefore subject to change.

Big Data Market Share

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Cloud Computing Market Share: The bright forecast of cloud computing in 2015

A year back, cloud service providers along with their channel partners were still busy in explaining the industry about the benefits of cloud computing. With doubts and myths being brushed aside by effective marketing, the subsequent adaptation of the technology has been rapid throughout 2014.

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Cloud technology service providers explained the differences and benefits of options such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), along with the suitability of various architectural alternatives.

While there continues to be some doubts around the use of the cloud, it’s safe to say that many enterprises have successfully adopted to this evolving trend.

Cloud has become now entered the mainstream market and is no longer a peripheral technology with some estimates showing that nearly 90 percent of the major firms across various industries have either already adopted or are in the process of adopting cloud computing..

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the de-facto standard for many years, players like Microsoft and IBM have now entered the race. Their entrance not only validates the increasing opportunity for cloud, but also helps accelerate the pace of innovation and enterprise adoption.

Reported, it has been estimated that quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (including IaaS, PaaS and private & hybrid cloud) have now passed the $4 billion milestone, with trailing twelve-month revenues exceeding $14.5 billion.

All of the major players (including AWS, Microsoft and IBM) are now claiming quarterly revenues of around $1 billion. All of the major players are making progress.

Organization now need to stop fighting against the shift to cloud technology. Cloud needs to be part of their formal IT portfolio and should no longer be treated as competition. In fact for the most part of 2015, the market is expected to witness a parallel between companies that are embracing cloud and their overall market performance.

Cloud Computing Market Share

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Micro Irrigation Systems Market Share: Mahindra Group enters micro irrigation market

Mahindra and Mahindra entered into the micro irrigation market by acquiring EPC Indutries in 2011. This step alone was identified as a major leverage for the group in its newly branched out agricultural vertical with a special eye on water resource management.

EPC has a manufacturing unit in Nashik for micro irrigation (MI) systems. Its products are supplied across India with a lion’s share of sales coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh.

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At the time of the buyout, EPC had reported a profit of merely 1 Crore Rupees which was on a turnover of about 80 Crores. After getting acquired by Mahindra and increase in process efficiency, its profit have soared to 9 Crore with a turnover of nearly 200 Crores.

The important task on hand was to change employee mindset and give them a greater sense of ownership in the company. For this, reportedly the primary step was to make them feel secure and at-home which was accomplished by an announcement that no employee will be fired over the next 2 years. M&M put in place a canteen, quality systems and uniforms while encouraging training in problem solving.

In addition, people were asked to work with farmers and help them with the right practices in crop cultivation. The whole aspect of customer care was clearly inspired by the company’s auto and tractor business. The other initiative at EPC was to create 200 demo plots across India with the farmer and grow crops using the micro irrigation system.

With EPC in its kitty, M&M is a close no 4 with big names like Jain and Finolex ahead in the MI systems space.

M&M has also developed a greenhouse in Haryana which is a potentially big area for EPC. Export of MI systems is the next big step and Africa has been identified as one of the big markets over the next 5-10 years.

Micro Irrigation Systems Market Share

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Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) Market Share – US startup launches new Home Energy Management System at DEMO 2014

A California based clean energy technology startup, Curb, has introduced a new Home Energy Management System at DEMO Fall 2014 in San Jose. The system of course like any other smart system comes with a mobile application for control.

The uniqueness of Curb is the holistic approach that it claims to be taking towards home energy intelligence in the rapidly growing smart homes market in the United States.

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Through circuit breaker integration with a single piece of hardware, Curb is able to analyze the unique electrical signature of each electrical device within a home. From there, Curb’s software algorithms identify how much energy different rooms, devices, and appliances use in real-time, when things are turned on or off, and even when electrical equipment starts to fail. This facility of analyzing issues with equipments is what gives the firm an edge in the market.

Not only does the app let people see how much energy they are using and spending in real time, but the app also lets people set up customized alerts, which is a part of their unique approach. Users can be notified when specific devices or appliances are turned on or off or when projected electricity bills go over set budgets. Built-in safety alerts for abnormal energy usage make users aware of dangerous situations and if there has been an unwanted intrusion, which helps the firm pitch in for security assurances as well.

If an electric appliance is accidentally left on, Curb notifies users through the mobile app. Curb’s integration with other smart home devices means a seamless co-ordination across the home and the mobile application ensures notifications on the go..

Curb will be using an online queue to manage the deliveries of its system. Customers can get themselves on the list by pre-ordering at the website of Curb. The company claims that no financial commitment is necessary to a pre-order.

The firm has been reported to be ready in taking pre-orders through its website and expects to begin delivering the system nationwide in the first quarter of 2015.

Its mobile application is already available through the Apple’s iStore and is soon expected to be made available for Android’s PlaysStore as well.

Home Energy Management Systems Market Share

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Voice Recognition Market Growth – Library in New York set to take mobile printing orders

In a progressive move, the Lewisboro Library of New York has started mobile printing services. However its service is not in the form of an application, rather in the form of printing service from within the library as well as outside.

In the first of its kind, the library allows you to send print jobs in the form of documents, photos, web pages etc, from your own device to the printer in the library who does the job and keep the prints ready to be collected.

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As mentioned in the website of the library, orders can be sent from “inside the library as well as from remote locations”. So if you are in the library and would like to take a snapshot of a page in a book, and print it out that very instant, all you need to do is simply connect with the printer via the library’s wifi and send the request.

There are over all three options to choose from : You can send printing jobs via the library’s web portal or via the PrinterOn application from your smartphone or simply via an email.

The library says that its users can pick up the print work at the dedicated print release section of the reference desk in the library. You will then need to verify your order and accept the print which will be in queue.

It further said that the print jobs can be held in the queue for not more than four hours and must be collected within than time. The price has been set at a reasonable 15 cents per page.

The move has reportedly been seen in a positive note. This is indeed essential to encourage other public institutions to follow this lead. There might soon be a time when one can simply be walking down the street and find such a convenient mobile printing service and get their print ready before they walk-in to collect it. Such services utilizing mobile printing make accessibility easy and save the time of standing in long queues to get a single print done in traditional stationeries.

Voice Recognition Market Growth

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Mobile Payments Market Trends – Belgium banks flock to introduce QR code-based mobile payment app

After Starbucks and PayPal, banks seem to be the most progressive in the market where adoption to mobile payment platforms have been slower than expected amid collisions and controversies.

Belgium is the first such country where a QR code-based mobile wallet that can be used for in-store, in-app, online and P2P payments has been launched with a backing from all major banks in the nation.

This app is called Sixdots and is a joint venture between a consortium of banks which includes multinationals like BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC and ING and payments outfit Bancontact/Mister Cash.

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Customers need to download the application and select their respective bank. They are then needed to add a Bancontact card before creating a six-digit code.To make in-store, P2P and online payments, users then enter this code and scan a QR squiggle.

The partners in this technology have reportedly expressed their satisfaction on the grounds of the required six-digit code and for the fact that no data is stored on the phone which ensures security. Card details are no longer stored in the seller’s database when making online or in-app payments.

The service can be used at merchants that have activated the Bancontact/Mister Cash mobile service but plans to integrate with MasterCard’s MasterPass have been postponed to ensure the success of the next scheduled steps.

Futhermore it is expected that over the next year new features will be added which will allow users to add multiple cards which will include credit and loyalty cards as well as coupons. Customers will also be able to use Sixdots as an identity proof and further link their accounts to banking applications.

Mobile Payments Market Trends

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Energy Efficient Lamps Market Share – Christmas tips for smart and energy efficient lighting

Christmas Eve is made visible and felt across the world with a massive display of lights, as it is with most festivals. And this often results in massive load on power grids and leads to power cut in areas where power supply is edgy. However in today’s modern and “smart technology” age, do we really need to put that burden? A simple change in the kind of bulb that you use can be the answer to having a lighted, yet, energy efficient Merry Christmas.

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Here are a few tips which can help you go about this easy transformation:

Home lighting :

  • Use smaller LED lights as they save 90% of the electricity against regular incandescent bulbs.
  • Make sure all light sockets have bulbs in them. It acts as a safety tips for children.
  • Keep bulbs from touching tree branches. If the tree is wet the bulb is bound to fuse.
  • Never use lights on a metallic tree. If the lights become faulty, the entire tree could be electrified.
  • Be careful not to overload extension cords, outlets or even whole circuits in the house. This may blow off the entire power supply to your home or even the neighbourhood.
  • Turn off decorative lighting when you leave the room.
  • If your budget permits, use smart lighting technology for your home as well as the tree. This goes a long way in saving power during times when no one is around.

Outside lighting:

  • Make sure the lights used are designated for outdoor use. They are often more resistive to moisture and mist.
  • Use a non-conducting fiberglass or wooden ladder when working with strings of lights. Also, stay clear of all overhead wires.
  • Never let light bulbs touch flammable materials such as plastic or dry grass and leaves. This will not just fuse the bulb but may even set the items on fire.
  • Turn outside holiday lights off when away from home or asleep. Better even, use smart lighting technology.

Energy Efficient Lamps Market Share

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