Brazil Biomaterials Market Forecast – Estimated To Achieve Two Billion By 2018

The Brazil biomaterials market is estimated to reach USD 2 billion by 2018. Biomaterials are surfaces, matters, or structures having the ability to relate with biological systems. Increasing income levels of middle class consumers are anticipated to turn Brazil into a region that shows good potential across the globe. In addition, market players are attracted to Brazil due to superior services, escalating demand of clients and outstanding healthcare amenities.

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The initial uses of biomaterials were limited to dental devices and external prosthetics. The Brazil biomaterials market has expanded in the recent past and plays a vital role in medial sectors. Biomaterials emerge from bio inert materials that do not react with biological environment.

The Brazil biomaterials market can be split into products, materials and applications. On the basis of products, biomaterials are divided into orthobiologics, trauma orthopedic s, dental orthopedics, cardiovascular and reconstructive biomaterials, bone cement and sports medicine.

Orthopedics occupied the highest share, followed by cardiovascular biomaterials. Trauma orthopedics, dental orthopedics, reconstructive biomaterials, bone cement and sports medicine are also predicted to register steady growth over the forecast period.

On the basis of materials, the market is divided into polymers, ceramics, pure form metals, biodegradables and bioactives. Pure form metals have captured a major share due to their natural features of biocompatibility and low wear and tear. These features work in favor of the Brazil biomaterials market and are likely to drive it further.

Biomaterials are also divided into applications. These include gene transfer, drug delivery, skin repair, contact lenses and dental implants. Research and developments in biomaterial applications of Brazil are also accountable for pushing the Brazil biomaterials market.

Brazil Biomaterials Market Forecast

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