Fiber Optics Market Growth To 2020: Donna city approves spending on fiber optics

In order to match to the growing momentum throughout the US on high speed internet, the city Council of Donna in the state of Texas has approved nearly $390,000 to be spent on fiber optic cables. The vote was a clear majority win with 3-1.

Councilwoman Sonia Gallegos called the project among the first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley as the network will allow for scanned X-ray images of commercial loads to be transferred to U.S. and Mexico inspectors in real time.

The approval came with the selection of Solstar Network LLC winning without a bid for the majestic project on fiber optics and wireless networking.

The optics bridge which will connect Donna with Rio Grande is going to have a unique system when it comes to checking commercial traffic. The system will also allow many real time applications to work without losing sync. Scanning and analyzing reports on traffic, such as inbound and outbound trucks will be much faster with the network in place.

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Some concerns were raised by members opposing the expenditure but they were quick in admitting that their response was solely based on the price involved and that they do lack the knowledge of the full picture and the advantages brought by fiber optics facilitated internet. However, another criticism seems to be aimed at choosing Solstar as the provider without allowing other firms to bid.

In response to these concerns, Gallegos said the city has worked on the project since August 2014 and further noted that Solstar was the only company that could provide the technology needed.

According to her, in order to support the type of software and information, the only firm that has the fiber optics available is Solstar.

The spending may have won in terms of sheer votes in the Council but choosing a service provider without an open bidding platform can often become an open arena for criticism and allegations on nepotism.

Fiber Optics Market Growth

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