Fiber Optics Market Size To 2020: Japer City to get internet boost through fiber optics

Citizens of Jasper city, the wood hub in the state of Indiana, have good reasons to cheer especially the educational institutions. It will soon join the league of cities that offer high speed internet through fiber optics after years of waiting.

The full details of the operations such as the network or exact speed has not been disclosed yet as the official statement has not been released. However the nation-wide such speeds usually hover around 100 Mbps.

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Along with average citizens, the school officials seem to be elevated over the prospects of this development. And they certainly have the right reasons for it.

The schools, most of which have internet connection run on average speed. This means that when they have hundreds of students, without the right routing and more expenditure on individual access points, the practical speed can drastically slow down. This means delay in school related notifications that may often be very urgent.

The schools have monitors that actively publicize any instructions intended for students but what about students who are not in school for any reason? For them, word of mouth may be the only source of information which is ofcourse rigged with loss of valuable notifications.

However, with the entry of high speed internet through fiber optics, this scenario can change drastically as these connections will allow students to remotely access school videos and notices and watch them live.

Furthermore the sheer speed of fiber optics will open doors o a number of new opportunities ranging from live-video homeschooling, law enforcement and new jobs.

Fiber Optics Market Size

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