Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) Market Share – US startup launches new Home Energy Management System at DEMO 2014

A California based clean energy technology startup, Curb, has introduced a new Home Energy Management System at DEMO Fall 2014 in San Jose. The system of course like any other smart system comes with a mobile application for control.

The uniqueness of Curb is the holistic approach that it claims to be taking towards home energy intelligence in the rapidly growing smart homes market in the United States.

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Through circuit breaker integration with a single piece of hardware, Curb is able to analyze the unique electrical signature of each electrical device within a home. From there, Curb’s software algorithms identify how much energy different rooms, devices, and appliances use in real-time, when things are turned on or off, and even when electrical equipment starts to fail. This facility of analyzing issues with equipments is what gives the firm an edge in the market.

Not only does the app let people see how much energy they are using and spending in real time, but the app also lets people set up customized alerts, which is a part of their unique approach. Users can be notified when specific devices or appliances are turned on or off or when projected electricity bills go over set budgets. Built-in safety alerts for abnormal energy usage make users aware of dangerous situations and if there has been an unwanted intrusion, which helps the firm pitch in for security assurances as well.

If an electric appliance is accidentally left on, Curb notifies users through the mobile app. Curb’s integration with other smart home devices means a seamless co-ordination across the home and the mobile application ensures notifications on the go..

Curb will be using an online queue to manage the deliveries of its system. Customers can get themselves on the list by pre-ordering at the website of Curb. The company claims that no financial commitment is necessary to a pre-order.

The firm has been reported to be ready in taking pre-orders through its website and expects to begin delivering the system nationwide in the first quarter of 2015.

Its mobile application is already available through the Apple’s iStore and is soon expected to be made available for Android’s PlaysStore as well.

Home Energy Management Systems Market Share

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