Seed Treatment Market Forecast – Likely To Grow During The Forecast Period

The worldwide seed treatment market contains chemicals meant for saving crops. It also contains genetically modified crop seeds and agrochemicals. Crop safety chemicals account for the most dominant sector of the seed treatment market with regard to commodity innovations and income. Treatments from crop safety chemicals are analyzed on the basis of fungicides, insecticides, seed treatment chemicals and bio-control.

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Seed treatments are principally fragmented into non-chemical and chemical treatments. Treatments which are bio-based, are a component of non-chemical treatments. These non-chemical treatments are made of renewable resources and consist of dynamic and natural constituents. These treatments have no effect on ecology, employees and client security in difference to chemical seed treatments.

Chemical seed treatments are characteristically produced from inorganic raw materials or petrochemicals. They are fragmented into fungicides, insecticides and other treatments. On a worldwide level, chemical insecticides dominated the seed treatment market and made up for more than 50 percent of the entire demand in 2013.

The sector of fungicides is anticipated to rise at about 12 percent CAGR through the forecast period. The seed treatment market is predicted to achieve around USD 2, 073 million by 2019. It is projected to rise at about 9 percent CAGR during the said phase. Increasing prices of genetically modified seeds and price reasonability for different seed treatments over other procedures of crop safety are estimated to propel demand for the seed treatment market in the coming years.

However, the lack of federal government guidelines for treated seeds is likely to act as a hindrance to the further development of the seed treatment market. A component that ensures triumph in this market is the potential of a member to develop comprehensive safety solutions in opposition to different stresses of abiotics and biotics in a sole commodity.

The combat involving advancement of eco-friendly and crop friendly commodities is estimated to be one of the vital plans executed by the participants of the seed treatment market.

Seed Treatment Market Forecast

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