Storage Hardware Market Forecasts – Jolla ventures into tablet with better storage hardware

The firm which derived its existence from what Nokia used to be, Jolla, has introduced a new tablet using its Sailfish OS.

The latest tablet is an upgrade of its previous version both in terms of storage hardware capacity and battery life. The battery is 150mAh more at 4450 mAh while the memory is at 64GB, double of what it was spoting before. Furthemore, it can now support microSD cards upto 128 GB.

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However it must also be noted that Jolla has said that Due to Microsoft’s licensing limitation, cards over 32GB that are formatted in Jolla Tablet will not be readable with Windows computers or devices that advertise microSDXC support.

The new display is also more polished and has better sensors. The tablet now comes with a gyroscope and compass sensors. Unfortunately there are no proximity sensors though many were expecting it in this upgrade.

Crowdsourcing backers can currently get the 64GB Jolla Tablet for $250, just $30 more than the $220 32GB version. Jolla says that its pumped-up tablet will eventually retail for $300.

Jolla is a firm which has been founded by Nokia’s ex-employees who were building the OS Jolla. However, after Nokia decided to go with Mircrosoft OS, the Windows Phone, Jolla employees left the firm and continued their own development.

It good to note that since Nokia had its platform for supporting employees who want to begin their own technology startup, each employee received 25,000 Euros when they left the Finnish firm.

Even Nokia is stepping up its game with the recent announcement of its Android based tablet Nokia N1. The firm has sold its mobile division to Microsoft and is cash rich with $12 Billion which is received from the sale.

Storage Hardware Market Forecasts

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