Voice Recognition Market Growth – Library in New York set to take mobile printing orders

In a progressive move, the Lewisboro Library of New York has started mobile printing services. However its service is not in the form of an application, rather in the form of printing service from within the library as well as outside.

In the first of its kind, the library allows you to send print jobs in the form of documents, photos, web pages etc, from your own device to the printer in the library who does the job and keep the prints ready to be collected.

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As mentioned in the website of the library, orders can be sent from “inside the library as well as from remote locations”. So if you are in the library and would like to take a snapshot of a page in a book, and print it out that very instant, all you need to do is simply connect with the printer via the library’s wifi and send the request.

There are over all three options to choose from : You can send printing jobs via the library’s web portal or via the PrinterOn application from your smartphone or simply via an email.

The library says that its users can pick up the print work at the dedicated print release section of the reference desk in the library. You will then need to verify your order and accept the print which will be in queue.

It further said that the print jobs can be held in the queue for not more than four hours and must be collected within than time. The price has been set at a reasonable 15 cents per page.

The move has reportedly been seen in a positive note. This is indeed essential to encourage other public institutions to follow this lead. There might soon be a time when one can simply be walking down the street and find such a convenient mobile printing service and get their print ready before they walk-in to collect it. Such services utilizing mobile printing make accessibility easy and save the time of standing in long queues to get a single print done in traditional stationeries.

Voice Recognition Market Growth

Source: Grand View Research

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